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Forget third party contractors.
MHM takes care of your renovation needs!

When looking to renovate your hotel you need a company that is well versed in the management and construction process. MHM meets the needs of renovating your hotel with a managerial background and extensive experience leading renovations of all sizes and scope. Our experience has taught us how to handle each project with the necessary care and attention to detail while meeting your required specifications and standards.

We provide a wide range of project management services from new build, renovations, and reuse projects. Nationally recognized as a premier hospitality management and renovation company our team works with your organization to determine your needs and establish a plan specific to you.



We are a full-service management and renovation company built on 65 years of experience in the hospitality industry. As your hotel brand evolves, we are here to help guide you. MHM’s network of architects and contractors are experts in the hotel renovation industry. We strive to implement your renovations with the highest standard of safety and quality. Our approach to renovation has earned us the trust and respect of the clients we serve.


MHM performs complete guestroom renovations following the highest quality standards. With an eye towards increasing asset value, we manage full bathroom and bedroom upgrades that allow your guests to fully immerse in relaxation. MHM gives you the highest quality of furniture, fixtures, and equipment in all guestrooms.

Lobbies / Front Desk

The lobby and front desk areas of a hotel say everything to a guest. If the area is modern and kept clean guests will feel welcome and comfortable. During renovations MHM has developed approaches to still allow guests to feel comfortable throughout their stay. We ensure that no one, guests or employees, feel they are in a construction site.

Meeting Space

Convention and business centers are a large draw in hotels and resorts. Guests don’t want to be in a dreary meeting space all day – you want your guests to be in a state-of-the-art and welcoming space. MHM works to create meeting spaces with a light and modern touch.

Restaurant / Food Service Areas

MHM believes that the kitchen is the way into any guest’s heart. Your restaurant renovation needs the perfect mixture of aesthetic and flow. Your restaurant and foodservice areas should be a place of enjoyment for your guests, and a source of revenue for you. MHM works to create a modern atmosphere to bring your hotel profitability not only from guests, but also as a neighborhood dining destination.

Recreational / Pool Area / Landscape

You want to create a relaxing and stylish environment for your hotel guests. The outside of your hotel should be just as beautiful and modern as the inside. MHM works to renovate your recreational areas such as pools, lounging, and landscape to grow the value of your asset. The guest experience is not only in the lobby and guestrooms, but also largely in the manicured landscaping and pool area.

Why Us


One-Stop-Shop for Full Renovation

MHM performs complete renovation services for your hotel. We create realistic schedules and budgets turning your wants into reality. MHM provides a wide range of project management and renovation services.

Highest Safety & Quality

At MHM our approach to safety and quality has earned us the trust and respect of the clients we serve. Throughout the renovation process, we maintain a safe and hospitable environment.

Brand Centric

MHM believes every area of the hotel is representative of the brand. We work with the unique requirements and characteristics of your hotel to build your brand.

No Third-Party Management

MHM is certified in the installation of all products we offer without needing a third-party contractor. We can ensure that you have consistent and reliable results throughout your hotel.

Our clients

Our clients