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MHM specializes in CONSULTING AND
MANAGEMENT for the hospitality industry

With 65 years of experience in the industry, we have worked with multiple hotels to perfect our management process to manage from the owner’s perspective as an extension of you. We strive to operate in support of the owners and partners. MHM aims to stay on brand for you and support your beliefs in our management process.



MHM is a third-party management company that utilizes respectful and personal approaches. We understand that each property requires individual needs and careful consideration. With a hands-on approach, we are able to manage every aspect of a hotel property. As one of the highest-ranked hotel management companies in the U.S. we strive to provide maximum profitability to each company we work with.


MHM manages your hotel with complete hands-on management. We offer a wide variety of hotel operation services. With our style of management we strive to maximize the services your hotel offers. MHM makes every point of contact as seamless as possible for your overall business plan. Our operations programs are efficient and involve intricate knowledge of the market.

Human Resources

Managing human resources is an essential part of growth within your organization. MHM creates an environment where goals are achieved while making sure your employees have the tools to provide exceptional customer service. Your employees are the heart of your hotel culture, so we strive to identify the best candidates for various employment positions. We handle human resources for you by recruiting and identifying the best employees, providing a competitive salary and benefits, ongoing training, and creating a safe and healthy work atmosphere.

Finance & Accounting

MHM provides your hotel with top-level software to ensure accuracy in your balance sheet. Our accounting manager provides you with financial support in all areas. We strive to bring you return on investment for your investment in the hospitality industry. Our procedure requires that all revenue be reported properly while handling day-to-day financial operations. We strive to improve your property value while reaching maximum profitability.

Revenue Management

MHM develops a process tailored to each individual hotel. Our revenue management process has been perfected through data analysis, advanced research, and an understanding of changing market conditions. MHM’s revenue management team provides you with a strategic plan to guarantee each asset reaches its potential. Our team has the expertise to handle market changes before any competitors. Each hotel requires an effective revenue management strategy specific to your needs.

Food and Beverage Management

As with all of MHM’s core hospitality management services, our F&B management is designed to improve guest satisfaction while driving revenue and streamlining daily operations. From bars and restaurants to room services, our goal with F&B management is to deliver exceptional services and an end product you can be proud of. Our experience with full-scale hospitality management help us utilize F&B as the incredible asset it should be for your property while growing it as an individual revenue stream.

Sales & Marketing

Marketing and sales play an important role in each property’s success. Sales and marketing plans need to be custom to each hotel and resort. MHM allows you to achieve maximum return on investment through our unique sales and marketing strategies which include industry-leading digital advertising services such as paid search, SEO, social advertising, and web design. Our team is here to help your hotel receive maximum exposure and ensure each hotel uses a unique strategy. MHM works with you and your sales team to be sure we have an understanding of your specific market. We build your sales and marketing department around your specific goals and demands.

Golf Course Management

At MHM, our company provides many services crucial to the success of every hotel and professional golf course. Our hands-on support is targeted to achieve revenue growth, market segment growth, increased RevPar reporting, and a decrease in employee turnover.

Why Us


All-Inclusive Management

MHM is an extension of you. We handle all management needs throughout your hotels so that you are able to build your hotel portfolio. MHM is a one-stop shop for your management needs.

Revenue Growth

Our process is tailored to your hotel and your needs. We have experience in handling your assets and strive to help each asset reach maximum potential.


MHM believes brand presence is an essential part of marketing your hotel. We provide results and earn trust through honest communication.


MHM works with you to become an extension of you and your brand. Our management and renovation services make life easier for you, the owner.

Our clients

Our clients